Having supported hundreds of senior business leaders and executives through their career transition, we know the difference a world class Career Strategy Advisor can make to you.

Simply put, we have never failed to ensure our clients successfully achieve their next career move. That’s a 100% record and we are very proud of it!

Whether you need to cement an internal promotion to Exco or the Board, or have been let go through “mutual Consent”, or perhaps the wheels have simply come of your career wagon, choosing the right Career Strategy Advisor to work with is a big decision.

Choose the right one and you can work career magic together. Choose the wrong one and you are flushing your money and time down the proverbial career drain!

Here are five key criteria that we believe are essential in choosing the right Career Strategy Advisor to work with:

  1. Someone who has been fired! – If they haven’t been fired, they have never taken a career risk, that’s not what you want from a Career Advisor.
  2. Someone who has recruited at the highest level in the Job Market! If they don’t understand the senior search market, how can they advise you about it?
  3. Someone with commercial Grey hairs, but who is still relevant today. – Expertise and experience is great, but someone who was yesterday’s man (and all too often it is a man) is not so great. Pick someone who is still actively involved in business.
  4. Someone who will coach and support, not just tell and preach. A capable and qualified coach can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the sessions you have with them.
  5. Someone who delivers results quickly. Whilst it may take months to find the right role, it doesn’t have to. Choose a coach who will help you find quick practical answers and solutions.

If you find yourself in a position where you need support and advice in preparing for your next career move, or if you need some tips in selecting a new supplier for your organisation, click here to find out more.