Our Market Intelligence Mapping reports provide you with both high level strategic oversight and a more granular level of detail which you and your colleagues can then utilise for talent acquisition and organisational development purposes.

Leadership Succession Planning

From a Board perspective this is widely accepted as good governance and planning with regards to succession or an anticipated colleague “flight” or “compromise” scenario. Unlike the standard market offering undertaken by relatively inexperienced researchers, our solution is delivered by highly experienced Partners, using many years commercially acquired experience that informs our highly bespoke reports.


Boards sometimes want to benchmark their own leadership capability and operating model to the “best in class” in their own or another sector. This is usually done to understand whether they are too inefficient and whether driving cultural and organisational change will result in far better delivery for less cost. Our privileged access to senior contacts can gain access to this information and help you to shape your future organisation development, team structures and broader talent and leadership development strategies.


Many companies talk a good game with regards to their diversity policies but often fail to take proactive steps to underpin these. Our bespoke reports can give you access to this confidential intelligence, be that on a global or more local basis. This enables you and your internal talent team to take practical steps that will help deliver your corporate diversity policies.

Board Skills Gaps

In response to an ever-changing technology and regulatory landscape, companies can often find themselves without the right talent in the right place to remain successful. We can help you to identify executives in key areas that will ensure you maintain your competitive advantage. Utilising our privileged access to Board level executives and industry insiders, we can help you plan for continued success.

Market Intelligence Mapping addresses these key dilemmas across your talent and leadership agenda head-on and identifies the data and details required to make important and informed decisions.