Two surveys, from a Client and separately, from a Candidate perspective, highlight that not all search firms are the same!

At the end of 2018 Baxter Neumann conducted a survey of all long listed candidates engaged in discussions during the year.  This covered a range of Board, NED and Executive level roles in the UK and overseas. Our aim was to benchmark our service in the eyes of candidates, against the rest of the executive recruitment market. For every candidate survey response, we donated £10 to one of our nominee Charities 

Key Findings

Almost 70% of candidates rated their experience with Baxter Neumann significantly better than with any other headhunting firm. It was apparent that the quality of the Baxter Neumann Candidate Brief was a major differentiator, rated ‘significantly better’ than the equivalent document produced by other headhunting firms.  Candidates commented:

‘The BN brief was possibly the most thorough I have ever experienced, ….it converted my curiosity into firm interest ….it contained all the necessary information to give me an accurate feel for the role, the company and the hiring sponsor…the embedded corporate video was creative’.

It was also apparent that the use of candidate video technology was fairly unique.

In a previous Client survey of 44 leading brands and high profile organisations, twice as many respondents positively referenced Baxter Neumann, compared to the other leading Tier 1 Headhunters. There is a huge gap in perceived service quality, added value, cost and outcomes achieved between providers.

Over 70% of Client respondents said ‘Yes’, they do feel their choice of Executive Search firm is an important reflection of their brand. Despite this, less than 50% evaluate the effectiveness of the Executive Search firms in communicating their brand.

In our view, Clients should expect all Recruitment providers, given the impact on employer brand, to survey candidates, report on and be accountable for, candidate experience.

If you would like to know how to create an exceptional candidate experience that enhances your EVP and employer brand, please contact Penny Harris at: +44 (0) 7885 357216 or via email: