Market Intelligence

How do successful Leaders and their organisations remain agile, proactive and ‘ahead of the game’ and how can their teams make faster, more informed decisions?

Why do some companies win significantly more business and convert far more bids? Why are certain organisations spending substantially less on Project design, delivery and Transformation than others?

The answer in many cases: Market Intelligence

Smart Leaders and organisations innovate but equally, leverage the lessons learned by others’ success stories and costly mistakes. They understand that pre-mobilisation due diligence and informed research can dramatically reduce the ‘time to value’ metric, as well as risk and cost. In certain cases this information is not readily accessible or visible to the client organisation. Baxter Neumann can help.

Why do successful organisations trust our Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence can significantly reduce ‘time to value’ by enabling better quality, lower risk and faster more informed decision making. It can provide a competitive advantage, learning from others (mistakes and successes), leveraging knowledge and data to enhance predictive success and performance. MI is a strategic initiative that helps organisations to remain ‘agile’ and proactive, rather than being purely responsive.

The financial benefits are also significant. Our insights could potentially save you hundreds of wasted hours on circular debates, reinventing the wheel and replicating the mistakes that others have made.

Scenarios where organisations have trusted Baxter Neumann to undertake Market Intelligence projects include:

  • Sensitive strategic initiatives, for example, proposed M&A transactions to provide information on the sector or target organisation(s)
  • To ascertain best practice, insight and key data that will inform a new policy, a core process or major project deliverable such as ERP
    or Change & Transformation
  • Reward data and remuneration insight: what is being paid and by whom in the market
  • Procurement decisions and bid submission evaluation to reference suppliers
  • ‘ Succession & Talent Mapping’, please click this link

Who has trusted Baxter Neumann with Market Intelligence projects?

A variety of organisations, across FTSE-350, SME and fast growing businesses to professional services firms, private equity and public sector organisations in the UK and beyond. Our solutions are entirely bespoke and designed to provide you with specific insight and data to enable critical decision making, benchmarking and planning in the areas concerned. Our reports are highly visual with compelling narrative and data intelligently presented to facilitate your discussions and inform your decision making process.

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