Board Evaluation

A key enabler of Board Effectiveness is embedded in the collective and individual behaviour of each Board member. Our unique approach to board evaluation goes beyond an annual ‘tick-box’ exercise or purely ‘technical’ 3-yearly review of governance process. We also provide expertise and independent judgment on: the behaviours, motives, values, individual and collective performance that guide the board dynamic and decision making process.

Our approach is different. It has been informed by highly experienced Board members who have observed:

“A board may be strong on governance and compliance… and yet still be dysfunctional in terms of behaviours”.

Bringing a fresh perspective to Board Evaluation and Effectiveness

SIDs, NEDs, CEOs, Executives, Company Secretaries and service providers. We have listened to and learned from their experience. For many, the methods applied to Board Evaluation have not evolved beyond a mandatory ‘tick-box’ exercise with a few cursory sentences in the Annual Report. There is little evidence to suggest they add real value or bring a fresh perspective to the evaluation of a board’s effectiveness. Indeed, quite the opposite. Recent PLC failures highlight that the conclusions of some external Board evaluations have been embarrassingly inaccurate.

Some stakeholders have observed, a lack of choice, informed insight or innovation. Responding to this need, Baxter Neumann have developed a range of Board Evaluation solutions to suit different business needs around annual and 3-yearly Board Evaluation reporting; the desire to be more forensic and strategic, to look at individual Board behaviours, as well as process, and how they impact effectiveness.

From experience we know that the behavioural dynamics are key to whether a Board succeeds or fails. Processes, structures and procedures can only do so much. Our solutions enable clients to understand the whole picture.

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Board Table

Achieving the right balance of constructive tension, healthy challenge, supportiveness and collaboration is critical for enabling quality decision making, informed strategic debate, organisational health and agility.

Board Evaluation Solutions

Our Board Evaluation solutions are fully customisable and menu based in approach, allowing the client to decide the level and degree of insight: lighter touch or more forensic.

Our services are designed around the client needs and context; from a self-assessed, compliance focused questionnaire through to a more comprehensive performance and value based approach including: individual and collective Board member performance, capability and motives, overall cohesion of the Board, as well as Governance assessment, code compliance review, Board productivity and efficiency e.g. Board papers and process. With or without our continued support, this approach delivers tangible, actionable outcomes.

Baxter Neumann provide a ‘head-up’ display to inform strategic thinking and decision making, not simply a ‘rear-view’ mirror of historical events. Our aim is to reduce ‘time to value’ and optimise opportunity for the client Board. Evaluations are conducted by a team of highly experienced professionals: qualified lawyers, former Big 4 Risk and Audit Partners, Company Secretaries, Plc Board Directors and Leadership Assessment experts, with extensive Board experience across industry sectors in the UK and internationally.

Annual Self Assessment Questionnaire

Report A

Self-assessed Customised Questionnaire

Code Compliance

Board Process Diagnostic Technical Governance

Report B
3 years full board evaluation

Governance Assessment

Code Compliance

Board Papers and Process

Annual Self Assessment Questionnaire
Behavioural Dynamic

Report C
3 years full board evaluation

Governance Assessment

Code Compliance

Board Papers and Process

Board Papers and Process

Expertise in all aspects of Board Evaluation


Alex Shapland

Experienced PLC Non-Executive Director and Committee Chair, former Big 4 Partner and Senior Regulator with significant Risk, Board Advisory, Corporate Governance and Audit Committee expertise. Experienced across UK Banking, International and Mutual operating models and has conducted a number of Board Evaluations.

Pauline Egan

Experienced Board Committee Chair and Director with over 25 years’ experience across financial and professional services. Brings a wealth of strategic and business growth insights to a Board.
Cranfield 100 Women to Watch.

Tony Baxter

Qualified accountant and Company Secretary, a former Group Internal Auditor and MD in a leading 3PL brand. Has significant board experience in PE backed businesses and M&A transactions. NED and senior adviser to Baxter Neumann for more than 10 years and has supported a number of Board projects and evaluations.

Derek Woodward

Former FTSE-100 Company Secretary and Chartered Governance professional with over 30 years’ experience across a number of leading B2B and B2C international organisations. Extensive expertise across Corporate Governance and leading multiple internal Board Effectiveness reviews.

Gerry Baxter

Former Partner in Accenture and KPMG. More than 25 years’ experience working with Boards on strategic reviews, transformation and governance, succession planning and leadership capability. Law Graduate, CIPD and Executive Coach qualified.