Is a (moving) picture worth a thousand words?

According to the recently published Davies report, UK top companies have reached a “major milestone” in increasing the number of women in their boardrooms. The former trade ministers report says there are no more ‘all male’ boards in our FTSE 100 companies; that those companies have marginally exceeded (26.1%) a voluntary target of 25% of women board members. Lord Davies now says that new targets should be set with 33% of women becoming board members in FTSE 350 firms by 2020.

In the light of the above, Baxter Neumann poses the question; how might more women secure a place in the boardroom?

One reason for not achieving a board or NED position (which applies equally to men and women) is the ever increasing challenge to differentiate and stand out from other highly credible candidates. Personal brand and impact, as well as the ability to communicate your achievements and present a compelling proposition are critical. Can this be achieved purely off the back of a traditional CV?

One solution, which historically would have been financially unviable for individuals to fund, is the use of professional video technology to create a visual resume. Baxter Neumann, with our creative Partner, help executive clients, seeking a NED opportunity, to articulate their value propositions and capture key messages in a personalised video resume. The video is concise (just over 2 minutes) compelling and professional. Feedback from target audiences indicate this medium works: it is memorable, time efficient, portable, from a hiring perspective. It helps to demonstrate communication and influencing skills. It conveys stature or gravitas…all of which matter in the evaluation of a prospective NED candidate.

Despite only approving the final edit early October, the Video Resume has already caught the attention of many Baxter Neumann clients and followers. Watch the following example and decide for yourself.