It’s Monday morning. It’s dark and freezing cold.

You’ve not been paid since forever (last year for goodness sake!) and if you’ve jumped on the ‘dry January’ bandwagon, you’ve not had a drink in weeks either. You’d be forgiven for thinking there isn’t much to smile about today.

But wait…… If you’re in charge of people at work, whether you’re a team leader or a CEO think twice before you enter the workplace with a face like a slapped fish. The negative vibes you give off to your team will permeate invisibly through your team like a poisonous gas. You don’t need to say a word, your body language will be shouting from the rooftops “There are a hundred places I would rather be right now rather than here”. Morale, motivation and productivity have taken a hit before you’ve even said “Good Morning”

Well, it was until you walked in…..…..

So, reasons to be cheerful – research has shown that smiling is infectious and when we are faced with a smiling face it builds trust, reduces stress and lifts our spirits. Happy people are generally more productive, and can resolve issues faster and more effectively than their grumpy colleagues. Good news for any manager. Successful leaders gain followers because they are good to be around, exuding ‘positive energy’ that inspires and motivates others to do great things.

No excuses – It’s time to turn that frown upside down!

Rachel Roberts – Partner