It’s January 2018 and the actions you take in the next few weeks could have a profound impact on how successful your business, your team and you personally, will prove to be in 2018. As the old adage goes ‘if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got!’

Here are three questions to ensure you are focussed on the essential priorities for 2018.

1.Have you set a date for your leadership team ‘Away Day’? To review your strategy and priorities, ensure alignment and set expectations for performance and behaviours. Its essential to spend some quality time ‘thinking’ about the ‘doing’.
2.When are you planning to have those long overdue ‘difficult conversations?’ In regard to dealing with poor performance, or failures to meet expectations and standards, most CEOs and Directors will acknowledge: “I should have been more decisive and acted faster”.
3.Have you set a date for reviewing a ‘meaningful’ succession plan with your board? This presupposes you have completed an evaluation of your leadership capability and have the evidence to make an informed judgment on succession options, as well as an understanding of likely candidates, both internally and externally.

Great leaders and successful organisations prioritise the above as a matter of standard practice and routinely re-visit them throughout the year. For advice and support on your workshop planning, having more effective conversations or the benefits of leadership capability assessments, please contact Andrea Stott or Gerry Baxter at Baxter Neumann for a chat.

Have a successful year!

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