As the UK economy emerges from the tough years of recession, successful businesses are making Performance Management, Coaching and Capability Assessment top priorities. The evidence for this approach is compelling. Your best performers are significantly better than the rest. Not only are they more productive, motivated, innovative, commercial they are also far more service and delivery oriented.

Smart organisations are also applying that rigour for new hires too.  Performance expectations and higher standards for new and existing colleagues are being emphasised in PM reviews and communications.

Businesses are using proven methods combined with sophisticated on-line tools to assess capability, predict potential, measure and track performance.  The evidence can then be used to make informed decisions, quickly and professionally, and help some colleagues move on.

According to a recent global survey by PwC, 63% of business leaders don’t believe they have the Talent needed to support future growth.

But how do you identify the ‘A’ players, the ‘cruisers’ and the ‘mavericks’ in your company while being careful to eliminate the toxic?



Research indicates that the top 10% of your employees (in any category or grade) are more than 2.5 times as productive and efficient. So, if identifying capability and potential are so critical to success, why wouldn’t every organisation regard this as a priority? At Baxter Neumann we help clients to realise the benefits. We offer clients affordable expertise, experience and insight in this area and we work closely with our clients – ensure the project is professionally managed without disrupting the business. From the perspective of those who participate in our capability and developmental assessments the motivational benefits are frequently highlighted in feedback.

Feedback from an Assessee

“The Baxter Neumann observers were credible and very professional, the front end briefing to help you prepare, the way the assessment was run and the de-briefing were first class. It was a great experience and really challenging”
BAE Systems, Program Manager Participant in a BN Assessment Centre 2014

Feedback from a Client

“Having an informed assessment of your capability and potential is as critical as your Operating model. Baxter Neumann designed; delivered and program managed my Senior Search & Assessment process. The quality of their team and customised approach had credibility and above all delivered a successful outcome.”
Tony McCarthy, former Director of People & Organisational Effectiveness, British Airways and former Group HRD Director at Royal Mail