Baxter Neumann Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance


Baxter Neumann (“We”) will use best endeavours to be compliant in all relevant aspects of GDPR by 25th May 2018. We take the privacy of our clients and customers very seriously. This privacy statement outlines our approach to ensure confidentiality across all of the services we provide – executive search, leadership assessment and executive coaching. This policy outlines our approach to the management of personal data held by Baxter Neumann.


About this Privacy statement

This statement explains the extent to which Baxter Neumann ‘process’ personal data during the course of conducting our business: executive search, assessment, leadership development and executive coaching. This may include but is not restricted to candidates CVs, psychometric reports, 360 reports and personal videos.


Our Promise to you

We will only share (candidate/assesse/coachee) personal information with the client sponsoring the project and that is in the legitimate interest pursued by us. If another career opportunity arises which may be of interest to you, we will gain your consent before sharing your profile with another client.


Customer Consent

New customers (candidates, assesses, coachees) will give their express consent for Baxter Neumann to hold their personal information on the company’s systems for the purposes of the project. In addition this consent will cover all data collected during discussions, with regard to employment preferences, video, psychometric and 360 feedback reports. By giving your consent you agree to your psychometric reports and videos being held on our third party supplier systems.

If a candidate contacts Baxter Neumann directly regarding a job search, or regarding a particular job role, they are implicitly providing consent for Baxter Neumann to hold their CV and contact details on our company’s systems in accordance with the legitimate interest pursued by us.


Holding personal data on our systems

Personal data as defined above will be held on Baxter Neumann systems for up to 6 months following completion of a project and in accordance with the legitimate interest pursued by us.


Request to have personal data deleted

Once we have verified your identity, we will provide the information requested within 30 days. If you request your data to be deleted, this will be actioned within 7 days. The data will be deleted from Baxter Neumann and third party provider (psychometrics and video) systems.

Where Baxter Neumann have placed a candidate in a role, we are required to retain evidence of that placing so that contractual obligations can be met between Baxter Neumann and the client. We will however take steps to ensure only minimal personal data is retained about this placement and in accordance with the legitimate interest pursued by us.

In the event that you wish to be erased from our system you should contact Penny Harris (


Notification of Breaches

We are aware of our responsibility as a recruitment firm to protect your personal data and to only share details in line with your consent and in accordance with the legitimate interest pursued by us. All of our systems are protected by fire walls, anti-virus software and data security procedures. Only Baxter Neumann staff and consultants have access to the information stored on our systems and in accordance with the legitimate interest pursued by us.

In the unlikely event that our systems are compromised and there is a potential loss of confidentiality we will report this breach to the client and individual (s) concerned.

In this unlikely event, we will conduct a full investigation to understand how this breech has happened and put the necessary controls and procedures in place to prevent this happening again.


Complaints procedure

If you have a concern or a complaint about the way your personal data is handled by Baxter Neumann, please contact via email:

If you remain unhappy with the handling of your complaint, you can raise this with:

Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF


Changes to our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be changed by Baxter Neumann from time to time. Any changes will be updated on our website.