NED Preparation

Are you seeking a new Board or NED role?

We can help you prepare, find and secure an appropriate appointment. Baxter Neumann Executive coaches help at a practical level to convert the theory and classroom wisdom into reality.

Helping you Prepare, Find and Secure your first NED

Our NED Advisory Coaching compliments programmes such as the highly respected FT Non-Executive Director Club. Clients have said that the FT programme provides a sound technical platform for a prospective NED and a great opportunity to network. Baxter Neumann’s coaching helps at a practical level to convert the theory into the reality of a successful outcome.

With our experience in the NED market, we help clients to access suitable opportunities, refine their CV proposition, refresh their interview technique and rehearse their post-appointment plan. Ultimately it is about ‘standing out’; having the edge compared to other NED candidates, securing an opportunity and thereafter performing as an effective and confident Board member.

Initially created to help high performing female executives to be supported for prospective senior executive and NED appointments, our menu based services have subsequently evolved. Baxter Neumann now coach male and female ‘future leaders’ as well as mature, longer serving colleagues, who would benefit from having an external perspective to help them ‘grow’ and optimise their leadership position.

We offer market access, tools and real-world insight, as well as practical support for executives to obtain their first or subsequent NED/Advisory Board appointment. Targeted coaching of this kind is producing great results for clients and ultimately a better ROI than many ‘sheep dip’ initiatives or general coaching programmes that lack precision or purpose.

Key Benefits of coaching include:

  • Helping you to secure the right NED/Advisory Board opportunity that meets your criteria, plays to your strengths and facilitates development opportunities
  • Connecting you to other NEDs to leverage knowledge, experience and increase your profile in the NED market. A high percentage of NEDs refer other network contacts when they are approached for other opportunities
  • Building confidence in your value proposition and crystallising what you want from being in a NED/Advisory Board role
  • Helping you to articulate what you can bring to an organisation to ensure success as a NED
  • Tools and techniques to differentiate personal brand and profile in the NED market
  • Interview technique to navigate the classic Chairman/CEO candidate selection questions
  • Expert input to your Resume which may include a Video Resume, to stand out from the competition

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Personal Customisation:

There are core themes that typically relate to personal impact coaching programmes of this nature, however each individual is different and in our experience, most executives would prefer ‘121’ coaching and advice, as opposed to classroom training. However, plenary sessions for a cadre of colleagues, in certain aspects, could be a consideration.

For convenience we can host sessions at your place of work (or even at home). Otherwise, we invite you to join us at our offices in London Paddington or Booths Hall in Cheshire. The key point being: this coaching can be planned into your diary to accommodate business priorities. The Baxter Neumann support also includes advice ‘in-between sessions’ at a perceived point of need, evenings or weekends. For example: help to prepare for a Headhunter NED qualification meeting or a shortlist meeting with a Chairman or CEO.

What is the cost?:

We adopt a menu based arrangement to reflect:

  • Your precise needs: accessing the market, differentiating your CV, interview performance
  • On-going support at the point of need in between scheduled coaching sessions
  • Baxter Neumann expertise, market insight and access in addition to the value of our business contacts
  • Competitive pricing and the importance in career terms of this type of investment in your development
  • We do not operate a ‘taxi-meter’; taking calls, offering ad hoc advice to Coachee’s and sponsors is part of the relationship and our partnership ethos

Costs are tailored to suit individual or corporate budgets and the precise areas of need.

Next Steps:

The first step would be to agree an initial meeting to learn more about your interests and potential needs. An outcome from which would be to discuss and create a Personal Roadmap to help you prepare for and secure an appropriate NED/Advisory Board role. We would plan each session and tailor the programme to your specific requirements.