The reality may mean that unless you are incredibly detailed and thorough in searching for the very best and diverse talent, you and your Board may be failing to take all the necessary steps to deal with Diversity issues in the Boardroom.

At the senior leadership level, many organisations are still struggling to address gender imbalances, let alone Diversity in the broadest sense (of age, ethnicity, background, personality et al). The reality today may mean you are searching in a talent pool which is far from Diverse.  Sometimes location or brand perception are also factors in repelling talent.

At Baxter Neumann, experience tells us this is often true, which is why we work relentlessly on your behalf to ensure all the ground is covered.

When you last retained an executive search firm:

  • What data was shared regarding the talent pool approached?
  • Are you confident they worked hard enough on your behalf?
  • How many Diverse candidates were identified, approached and assessed on your behalf?
  • Critically, if on merit you selected a privately educated middle-aged, white British male for example, have you got the market data and intelligence to validate this?

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Our Market Intelligence Mapping could be the answer. Click here.

Our client reports provide you with the evidence you should be getting from your current executive search provider(s).

For your next senior hire, or if you are contingency planning, your Board and Executive team deserve accurate market intelligence to inform decisions and succession plans.

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