The process of selecting your favorite ice cream is usually a simple one…you nearly always pick the one you have tried many times before. Why? Because it’s what you like and it’s typically from a brand that you know and trust. But what about the process for selecting an Executive Search partner? Should you follow the same logic as you did with your ice cream…go with what you know and what you think you like best?

Like ice cream, the choice of Executive Search partners is vast, we could list at least two dozen companies, all of who will claim to be able to deliver the calibre of candidate needed for a business critical role. But before you select what you think is the ‘right choice’, why not try something new?

Baxter Neumann have just secured our fourth CFO Search in as many months and we are confident our most recent client, a leading multi billion euro FMCG  business, and we are confident about building a long term relationship. The BN search solution will cost 25-30% less than other ‘leading’ alternatives and an end to end process that will be significantly faster with measurable candidate experience.