Welcome to our first Baxter Neumann newsletter. The aim of this new communication is to make it easier to work more closely with you – sharing opportunities, innovation and insights.

We hope that in exchange for a few minutes of your time you will not only get an overview of what’s happening in the market but also access to our thought leadership. We will aim to provide regular thought provoking business cases and articles to help stimulate strategic thinking and share best practice across our global business community.

We kick off with issues front of mind for many of us – change and how to manage performance. Based on extensive research, client feedback and experience we have found that two elements really matter and are crucial to success:

1. Business change and strategic transformation, including performance, culture, operating model transition, service delivery, cost effectiveness and efficiency
2. Finding > Keeping > Growing the best leaders and talent. Letting Go those people who, for performance, fit and other reasons, need to move on.

A CEO client recently confided: “It is highly unlikely that the people that got you into the mess, will get you out of it. I wish we’d had the difficult conversations sooner to move certain people on; acted quicker to hire better talent and recognised that even the best leaders need advice and coaching to navigate change.”

If this is a sentiment that feels all too familiar to you – we’d love to hear fresh approaches that you may have tried so we can share ideas and success stories.

Now they say feedback is the gift that keeps giving – so please let us know your thoughts on this first edition. It is important to us – after all this newsletter is about connecting with you – stimulating debate and sharing best practice. What would you like to see featured? Would you like to contribute? What did you think of the articles in this edition? Contact Us