An increasing number of executive and non-executives are seeking a home for their talents in the Not For Profit sector in the UK, but why – as it can never be about the money or the perks that attract them? Baxter Neumann have recruited Board level executives into this sector from the commercial world recently and have posed this question widely. The following three trends have emerged within candidates that are well suited to consider this sector:

  • They have an authentic desire to make the world a better place;
  • They have a genuine passion about what the charity actually does; and
  • They have an “altruistic selfishness” or in other words, feel better about themselves when helping others.

Executives should not think that opting for a role in this sector is an easy ride. Indeed, a recent report in 2016 from the Charity Commission, suggested that public trust in charities had fallen to its lowest level since 2005, with media and parliament both highlighting concerns over aggressive fund-raising practices and activities for example.

The challenges in the sector are considerable at the moment; high on the agenda for Boards and Trustees is value for money or doing more with less. However, the scope to bring in best practice and learning from the commercial world is considerable. The Boards of some of the largest charities include some high profile executives from the private sector, however, other Boards in the sector have been less successful in attracting top talent to their ranks. Baxter Neumann have found that those organisations that are able to clearly articulate their mission and values-driven agenda are more likely to succeed in attracting and retaining key talent onto their Boards.

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