Compared to a ‘B’ Player, in quality of contribution, effectiveness and efficiency, an ‘A’ Player is significantly more capable, impactful, productive, generally more value adding in strategic thinking and execution…they are ‘Gamechangers’. Therefore, does it not make compelling good sense, to be able to identify and quantify your leadership benchstrength. If you don’t, your competition and their Headhunters will surely target your ‘A’ list players.

Smart organisations undertake meaningful internal leadership capability reviews, from high potentials to Board succession. To paraphrase Edward Deming: ”without (meaningful) data” a leadership review is simply ”an opinion”. Evidence and informed insight need to be gathered. Today the sophistication and value in terms of predictive performance insight, has been transformed. The tools and expertise to do this have moved on significantly in the last few years.

Not only do great businesses evaluate the internal capability and have an informed view on ‘gaps’, they also map the external talent market. This is another element of good business practice where there is chasm between what a few ‘great’ companies actually do and what others merely ‘think about’ or pay lip service to (or worst case: they don’t know what they dont know’)

As we close off 2015…how many organisations and businesses can say, in this context, ‘we are in good shape for 2016 and beyond’.